Flowers in Japan

Ceremonies of The New Year

kadomatsuThe New Year is the most special event of the year for Japanese. During the New Year’s Days, most of Japanese people believe that God of the Year (Toshigami-sama) is descending on each home. People wished to welcome the god with pure mind and to receive power.

The main of ceremonies in a New Year are :

Hatsumode : New Year’s first visit to a shrine to pray.

Kakizome : The first calligraphy of New Year. People write auspicious words or poems with a brush, wishing the improvement in their writing skill.

Hatsuyume : The first dream on New Year’s Day. People tell their fortunate omen for the year, judging from what they dream.

Nanakusa : on the 7th day, people remove all the new years ornaments and decorative pine branches which have been put up at the gate.

Kagamimochi/osonaemochi : Mochi (rice cake) which is offered to teh god of the year.

Ko-shougatsu : on the 15th day. New year according to lunar calendar. Pople put up events such as dondo-yaki and sagicho, which are the fire festivies to burn New Year’s ornaments.

Source : Japan, How We Breathe & How our Hearts Beat; New Millenium Network Corporation.

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