Flowers in Japan


If you sit at the counter in a sushi restaurant, you will be served sushi according to your order.
You can also order one of nigirizushi (握り寿司)or chirashizushi (ちら寿司)sets at fixed price such
as tokujou (特上) (superior), jou (上) (excellent), or nami (並) (standard).
At kaiten-sushi restaurant, you can simply take any sushi you like as you are sitting and many
kind of sushi come and go, automatically delivered.

chuumon ”ご注文品” = the order. waiting Choose any you like.
 mochiDessert : mochi  touchscreenTouchscreen. Choose what you want to eat.
 sushi_ikuraIkura sushi. (Fish’s egg).  sushi_kanimisoKani-miso sushi. (Extract of liquid inside tha crab’s















Japanese Food

Japanese noodle: soba

Japanese noodle: soba

A Japanese meal with rice normally includes vegetables and fish or meat with miso soup and pickled vegetables. Many suplementary dishes cooked in Western or Chinese styles are commonly found in Japanese meals.

In the Japanese food preparation the idea from ancient times has been to avoid waste. For instance concerning the consumption of fish the Japanese says : use the meat for sashimi (sliced raw) or to grill it, boil the lean parts of the meat, and use the other parts (except the inhards) for soup.

Also, preserved food have been used since long ago to make up for shortages in lean years; preservation methods include pickling for vegetables, and salting or drying for fish and meat.

Japanese food is generally eaten using wooden chopsticks.