Flowers in Japan

Enoshima Island

Enoshima is both a small seaside town and a small island in Kanagawa Province as as part of Fujisawa City. Located to the south of Tokyo (about 1,5 hours from Tokyo Station). It is popular as beach-vacation destination, and in the summer many people swimming at the beach, surfing.

At the top of the island, there is a beautiful flower-garden where accosionally many music or dance attractions are held. This flower-garden is famous for it’s ‘Flower-Century’, a flower that is blum once in 70-100 years.

On the opposite site of the island there is big cave (iwaya-cave), and at the seaside, you can visit the Enoshima Suizokukan (Aquarium), which is famous with it’s smart dolpins’ attractions and farious beautiful jellyfishes. Y2000 for adult and Y600 for children.

enshimastation Enoshima Station – Odakyu Line thebridge The bridge between Honshu and Enoshima.
 pemilikPreparing the boat  perahudilautRide me on
 omiyageSeafood souvenirs  souvenirTraditional Japanese souvenirs



“Speker” or “speaker”? A typo in a big electric shop in Fujisawa-shi, Kanagawa-ken.

Kodomono kuni (The land of children)

Official site

KODOMONOKUNI was founded in commemoration of the Royal Marriage of Prince Akihito and Princess Michiko in 1959 (mounted Emperor and Empress since 1988). It was officially opened on May 5th, a national holiday of the Children’s Day, in 1965. KODOMONOKUNI is a type of natural-park of which the main purpose is to contribute to children’s sound mind and body. The land covers an area of 976,000 square meters (approx. 240 acres).

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