Flowers in Japan

Kodomono Hi (Children’s Day)

Koinobori May 5th

Koinobori May 5th

“Kodomo no Hi” means Children’s Day. Though it is use the word of kodomo which is mean “child (ren)”, but this event is specially for boys only, not for girls. Maybe Japanese people choose the word of kodomo because it is simple, rather than use the exact expression for boys : otoko no ko.

Kodomo no Hi is celebrated on May 5th. During the celebration, Japanese people decorate their surroundings with koinobori, kind of kites in fish shape.

Only family having boy(s) celebrate this day. It becomes a simple sign to recognize: if a house decorate the house with koinobori, it means the family have boy(s) member. But, although this event historically to celebrate the boy(s), nowadays at the kindergarten or elementary school, girls are also presented with koinobori by the teachers, and in some schools, there is a special day to create every pupil’s own koinobori, oneself.

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