Flowers in Japan

Population of Japan

Japan has a population of 127.81 million (2005), putting it in ninth place after China, India, U.S., Indonesia, Brazil, Pakistan, Bangladesh, and Russia.

Japan has the population density with 342 people per square kilometer. The population is greatest along the Pacific seabord where the wheather is mild and transportation and industrial facilities are most highly developed. In fact, approximately 70% of the nation’s people live on the strip of coastal pain between Tokyo and the northern part of Kyushu. Advancing industrialization has been accompanied by a population shift toward the larg cities and a marked population decline in the agricultural areas.

Of the twleve cities in Japan with populations of over one million, the largest, Tokyo, has 8.48 million inhabitants (2005) and 12.56 million inhabitants when its suburbs are included. Tokyo thus places seventh in the world after New York, Los Angeles, Mumbai, Mexico City, Calcutta, and Delhi.

:: Source : JAPAN The Land and Its People, Gakusheisha Publishing Co.k Ltd.

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