Flowers in Japan

The Role of Science and Technology in Japan

For Japan, the ingenuity of its people is a far greater asset than its meager natural resources. The role of science and technology in helping people to lead a life that is secure, rewarding and culturally rich is therefore probably greater than in most countries.

In Japan, there is a broad consensus encompassing both the government and the people that the country should vigorously apply its scientific and technological capabilities to the benefit of the international community and all mankind, particularly in connection with the global issues of environmental preservation, food, and energy and material resources.

Japanese industry has grown increasingly global and borderless owing to the shift of production to overseas locations in response to the strong yen, quantum advances in the field of info-communications and other factors. This process has been accomanied by a sweeping and rapid transfer of Japanese technologies to the developing countries in particular. As a result, Japan’s superiority in science and technology, long the source of its international competitive strength, is diminishing.

This means that if Japan is to play a leading role in the international community in the 21 st century, it must strive constantly to keep its scientific and technological activities ahead of those of other countries.

:: Source : JAPAN The Land and Its People, Gakusheisha Publishing Co.k Ltd., 2006

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